--,--- sf

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4,200 sf

Landmarked single family brownstone renovation into a two family building. Renovation features a rehabilitation of turn of the century millwork, tiffany stained glass windows, and the integration of an open plan kitchen and living spaces. Infrastructure upgrades of state of the art mechanical systems set in a contemporary layout. Middle eastern and european textiles and ceramics influences in a professional home kitchen connecting to the exterior garden.  Check out the feature of C.Wall Architecture in Dwell Magazine AND Sweeten in the NEWS section of our website.

manhattan residence

2,942 sf

Two unit condominium merger renovation in Flatiron district of Manhattan. Designed with a focus of a kids library at the center. Custom interiors and finishes, built in furniture combined with select lighting and finishes.


1,500 sq. ft. of residence

Apartment Renovation focusing on clean cabinetry and maximizing use of space for functionality.  

3rd AveNUE Residence

2,600 sf residence

Three unit combination in a condominium building. 2,600 sq ft combined to allow for an open living and kitchen space, three bedrooms, four bathrooms and adjacent work live space.

Bushwick Residence

1,400 sf residence

A conversion of a quonset hut into a residence and art gallery.

16th Street Residence

1,600 sf residence

Converted 3 unit into one condominium with custom detailing and lighting. Reworking the entire interior to work with the growing family, allowing for adaptation for multiple uses within the spaces posed as a successful design model for city dwelling families. 

15th ST Concept renovation

10,000 sf residence

Townhouse renovation with John Gordon. The project was carefully designed and construction was executed. The facade was designed to be a perforated bronze material with large spans of glass. A rooftop pool and basement spa were among the amenities.